Prohibited and Limited Items

and Restrictions

A guide to items that cannot be shipped from the U.S. or cannot be received into your country or have limited shipping options. Please review this carefully before shopping.

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AgricultureAgricultureForbidden See Details
AlcoholAlcoholForbidden See Details
AnimalsAnimalsForbidden See Details
Art and AntiquitiesArt and AntiquitiesForbidden See Details
BiohazardsBiohazardsForbidden See Details
CBDCBDForbidden See Details
Cell PhoneCell PhoneForbidden See Details
ChemicalsChemicalsForbidden See Details
CorrosiveCorrosiveForbidden See Details
CounterfeitCounterfeitForbidden See Details
Drug ContrabandDrug ContrabandForbidden See Details
E-juiceE-juiceForbidden See Details
ECCN RegulatedECCN RegulatedForbidden See Details
Electric Bikes over 100WhElectric Bikes over 100WhForbidden See Details
EnginesEnginesForbidden See Details
ExplosivesExplosivesForbidden See Details
Fertilizers and PesticidesFertilizers and PesticidesForbidden See Details
FirearmsFirearmsForbidden See Details
Flammable / CombustibleFlammable / CombustibleForbidden See Details
Flammable Nail PolishFlammable Nail PolishForbidden See Details
GamblingGamblingForbidden See Details
Hazardous Material & Dangerous GoodsHazardous Material & Dangerous GoodsForbidden See Details
HoverboardsHoverboardsForbidden See Details
Human RemainsHuman RemainsForbidden See Details
IvoryIvoryForbidden See Details
JewelryJewelryForbidden See Details
Lead Acid BatteriesLead Acid BatteriesForbidden See Details
LiquidsLiquidsForbidden See Details
Lithium Batteries (packaged with product)Lithium Batteries (packaged with product)Forbidden See Details
Loose Lithium BatteriesLoose Lithium BatteriesForbidden See Details
Loose Precious StonesLoose Precious StonesForbidden See Details
Means of PaymentMeans of PaymentForbidden See Details
Medical DevicesMedical DevicesForbidden See Details
PaintPaintForbidden See Details
Perishable FoodPerishable FoodForbidden See Details
PlantsPlantsForbidden See Details
PoisonPoisonForbidden See Details
PoliticalPoliticalForbidden See Details
PornographyPornographyForbidden See Details
Prescription DrugsPrescription DrugsForbidden See Details
Pressurized CanistersPressurized CanistersForbidden See Details
Radioactive MaterialRadioactive MaterialForbidden See Details
SoilSoilForbidden See Details
StampsStampsForbidden See Details
Tactical EquipmentTactical EquipmentForbidden See Details
Tactical KnivesTactical KnivesForbidden See Details
Tobacco and NicotineTobacco and NicotineForbidden See Details
WeaponsWeaponsForbidden See Details