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Stop wasting your time

Don't let the hassle of international shipping get in your way. offers accurate shipping estimates, advanced tracking information and friendly help from shipping team when you need it along the way.

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guaranteed upfront pricing
Guaranteed Upfront Pricing
Say goodbye to unreliable shipping quotes and hidden fees. We take the mystery out of shipping with guaranteed pricing with international carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx.
top rated member support
Top-Rated Member Support
We'll make any arrangements needed to ensure your needs are met. Our members love our personalized service and the expertise of our caring, devoted team of representatives.

Discover shopping opportunities

Imagine, buying directly from your favorite brand. This is possible with that lets you shop directly from US online stores

guaranteed upfront pricing
Shop Globally is a service that will suggest you Christmas gift ideas, as well as provide you with coupons and service tips associated with your preferences.
top rated member support
Shopping Events is your one stop shop for everything about this year's major shopping events.

Ship your items with no hassle

International shipping can be a major pain. We’ve got what you need to make the process less annoying.

guaranteed upfront pricing
Package Repacking
We always aim to provide our customers with the best value for their dollars. Smaller boxes, when appropriate, mean lower shipping fees.
top rated member support
Package Consolidation
This is our solution to all your shipping headaches. We scan your orders and pick your items and consolidate them to one single package from our hubs across the world to your home.