Hopeful and powerful ad campaigns after the Coronavirus pandemic by global brands

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June 10, 2020 · 4 min read

While the pandemic has taken a great deal of our freedom, we have all responded in various ways. But, there is one unitary feeling that keeps us looking forward and helps us find the power to carry on: Hope.

Brands around the world are placing this insight into their core to give promising messages to their bases. Let’s look at 8 beautiful examples where hope holds the reins and reminds us that we got this as long as we support each other and better days will come.

1. Facebook - Born in Quarantine

Anita Sampson born in 1920, during the times of the influenza pandemic is urging us that we can get through this and that “life always finds its way”. This emotional ad including clips and images from real birth scenes during the pandemic shows the victory of women giving life at this difficult time.

Nike - Never too far down

Showing us legends from different alleys of sports, all coming close to a feeling of defeat at times, this ad tells us that one way or another, those legends found the last bit of strength to keep going. Naming this pandemic challenge as “something to win much bigger than a championship”, Nike reminds us that “we are never too far down to come back” and that this virus cannot stop us.

3. TELUS - Stay hopeful. Stay connected.

Introducing Leah, the newborn baby of the video director, this sentimental ad shows how a new life can bring joy and hope to our world and demonstrates the changing nature of our communication with our loved ones today.

4. Nivea - Small acts of care make a big difference

Showing small acts of kindness and care, this ad reminds us that sharing and giving care keeps us together. With the powerful lyrics of "Stand by Me" accompanying the footage of people living the new normal in their homes, Nivea echoes that where there is solidarity, there is hope.

5. Coca-Cola - To The Human Race

This ad focuses on the fact that for every ability hindered by the pandemic, there has been a counteraction by us that proved that we are here for each other, with more optimism than ever. In the end, Coca-Cola thanks everyone, in particular to the health workers for “filling the glass with kindness and hope”.

6. Hyundai - When we get out

This ad with a strong message shows footage of wild animals wandering in the streets emptied by humans. With its Eco range, Hyundai proposes a transition to a more conscious and inclusive future and to protect what we have been losing before the pandemic has taken over our freedom.

7. Adidas - Ready for Sport

Reminding us all of what we deeply missed in times of quarantine, this commercial hopefully aspires for and focuses on the days we will collectively engage in sports again. Similar to the other selected examples here, the “Ready For Sport” campaign also aims to be an inspiring and optimistic call for people and to give people something to look forward to when the pandemic is over.

8. Lay’s - Joygivers

Through this TV spot, Lay’s invites everyone who knows a “joy giver”, an individual who manages to put a smile on people’s faces to share their story. For each story tagged #joygivers, Lay’s donates \$50 to Feeding America, utilizing this hopeful and powerful message for a charity campaign that will run until July, 12.