Hopeful and powerful ad campaigns after the Coronavirus pandemic by global brands

International ShoppingJune 10, 2020

While the pandemic has taken a great deal of our freedom, we have all responded in various ways. But, there is one unitary feeling that keeps us looking forward and helps us find the power to carry on: Hope.

Brands around the world are placing this insight into their core to give promising messages to their bases. Let’s look at 8 beautiful examples where hope holds the reins and reminds us that we got this as long as we support each other and better days will come.

1. Facebook - Born in Quarantine

Anita Sampson born in 1920, during the times of the influenza pandemic is urging us that we can get through this and that “life always finds its way”. This emotional ad including clips and images from real birth scenes during the pandemic shows the victory of women giving life at this difficult time.