How to Buy a MacBook or iPad from the US and Ship Internationally

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August 31, 2020 · 6 min read

The US is definitely the cheapest place to purchase Apple products, such as MacBooks and iPads. Prices in Apple's online store in the US can be as little as 50% of what other retailers across the world might charge.

As such, many people are asking how to buy a MacBook or iPad from US and have it shipped internationally. The answer to this is not a very simple one, as you need to take into account multiple factors, but it can definitely be done, which means that users can save a lot of money by shopping from the best deals

How to Buy Apple Products Cheap in USA?

The process of purchasing Apple products from the US and shipped them internationally is generally called as grey importing, but this doesn't mean it's not legal to do so for personal use. It's not something that anyone should do as a business model, but it's perfectly fine to do when buying items to use personally.

As of 2020, Apple only ships MacBooks and iPads from the Apple US store to US addresses. This means that users can't simply go online and order products straight from Apple's US store and have them shipped internationally.

The good news is that there are multiple possibilities to scour for US deals and have Apple products shipped internationally via third parties.

To start, users should first check whether buying a MacBook or an iPad from the US is actually going to be cheaper than buying from their own country, taking into account all additional costs for transport.

Fortunately, some websites allow users to compare Apple product prices worldwide. By visiting The Mac Index, users can see prices in just about any currency and determine how much taxes they have to pay when they buy their Apple products overseas.

macbook prices compare countries

This website makes it easy to compare prices for different devices and configurations in order to be able to determine whether buying from the US would be a good deal.

Where to Find the Best Apple Deals in the US?

Besides checking prices on visiting The Mac Index, buyers can also look for deals on MacBooks and iPads on websites such as Amazon, BestBuy, and B&H Photo. All these stores generally have some sort of discount on one or more Apple devices, including MacBooks and iPads, so it's a good idea to have a look around to discover the best deals before deciding on a particular item.

macbook bestbuy price

Another idea is to look at websites specializing in Apple products, such as MacRumors, for example, as they make deals around us that allow users to find the best prices and sales for all kinds of Apple devices. Other websites that provide these types of roundups include TechRadar and DigitalTrends.

How to Ship a MacBook or iPad Internationally?

Once they determined that buying a laptop or tablet from the US is actually going to be cheaper than purchasing from their own country, buyers have several options when it comes to having their product shipped internationally.

A good choice is, is specializing in shipping packages from the US to over 220 countries across the world. The service allows you to buy almost anything you want from the US and the advantage of shipping discounts and US sales tax-free shopping. offers multiple plans, being suitable for those who are only interested in a one of purchase as well as for those who are regularly buying from the US and want to be able to have everything shipped to their home country.

Using this type of service is very easy, as users get their own US shipping address.

You can start shopping immediately for the best deals either from the Apple Store or any other third party suppliers that currently offer the best deals on Apple products. Once you decide on a product, buyers can purchase the item and have it shipped to their US shipping address, from where the package will be sent to your home country.

There are multiple shipping options available for most countries, and because handles thousands of packages every day, you can get discounted rates from multiple shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. does all the shipping, customs, and packaging for its customers, so you don't have to worry about anything besides making the actual purchase.

Using this type of service, you can save up to 50% on Apple products compared to the price tags in their country. This generally has to do with taxes, but also with currency exchange fluctuations. When using a free US street address service, buyers can consolidate multiple orders under a single tracking number, and since all import tax and duty are paid upfront, there are no hidden fees to expect when receiving the parcel.

Are There Any Other Services like

There are multiple other choices available for those who want to have a MacBook or iPad shipped to their home country from the US.

Borderlinx offers good deals on shipping fees and has a calculator on the website that allows you to assess the total cost as accurately as possible.

Besides getting the best prices for MacBooks and iPads, another benefit of using one of these shipment services is access to the newest gadgets and other products before they are released in other countries.


Apple Mac prices and the lowest in the US, which is why users from other countries are interested in finding a way to buy MacBooks or iPads from the US and have them shipped internationally. With the help of services such as and other similar companies, you can enjoy the same prices for Apple products as American residents and have your items shipped anywhere globally.